The evolution of scientific research has enhanced the socio-economic-scientific development which is also determined by the advancement of information technology and quantum technology (declined in Public Administration 4.0, smart city 4.0, industry 4.0, agriculture 4.0, healthcare 4.0, companies 4.0, etc.). This will be immensely beneficial for the people of the world as well as the natural environment in which we thrive.

Hence, all over the world, different sectors such as governments, companies, research laboratories, universities as well as the citizens should collaborate synergistically in all economic sectors to accelerate their development, promoting the rapid resolution of the five major planetary systemic crises (climate crisis, environmental crisis, economic crisis, social crisis, health crisis). The step will activate strong social, cultural, scientific and economic connections that will favour the development of "collective scientific intelligence" supported by artificial intelligence, quantum and quantum blockchain!

The independent non-profitable organization "QUANTUM RESEARCH AND CENTER OF EXCELLENCE (QRACE - www.qrace.org )" is available to activate accelerating processes of these connections for the benefit of all the peoples of Planet Earth.

The peoples of Planet Earth need an aggregating point of reference, an aggregating force, in this fundamental period of human civilization characterized by serious world crises (which can cause the extinction of human civilization or its evolution), a force that contemplates love for Humanity, for the planetary natural environment (the home of humans) and for science and technology (tools to save Humanity from the extinction towards which the planetary systemic crises are leading us).

QRACE wants to activate this unifying force for Humanity.

QRACE wants to enable technological (quantum platform for AI, internet, IoT, smart city, etc.) and social tools to save Human Civilization in agreement with Governments around the world.

QRACE wants to establish strong relations with active partners and key players working for the benefits of the Environment also ensuring food security and Nutrition with the help of both scientific technologies as well as non-scientific research approaches for humanity and to protect our civilization from BATH interactions.

Dr. Kumar Gautam, head of the independent organization active in the field of quantum computing and artificial intelligence, located in New Delhi (India), "QUANTUM RESEARCH AND CENTER OF EXCELLENCE" (QRACE - www.qrace.org), is starting partnerships all over the world with companies, research institutions, governments, universities, researchers, etc. to expand and strengthen the entrepreneurial, university, scientific, cultural ecosystem that revolves around the socio-economic applications of quantum computing, artificial intelligence, Internet of things, cloud computing, blockchain, etc. 

Connect with QRACE:

- Corporate Office: Plot-6, Sector-11, Dwarka, Southwest, New Delhi - 110075

- Founders: Dr. Kumar Gautam 




- WEB site: www.qrace.org 

- Email kumar.gautam@qrace.org - qrace.lab@gmail.com

- Phone Number 91-7042-831-138

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