17 partners between companies, universities, foundations and research institutions have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to promote research and development in the field of Quantum Technologies for Space.

Given the rapid evolution of quantum technologies, the aim of this initiative is to identify the Italian excellence in this type of technology and create a network so that they can work together on one of the cutting-edge fronts of innovation through collaborations, partnerships in research projects, development and innovation in areas such as quantum cryptography, quantum communication, quantum computers, quantum sensors and quantum metrology.

The joint research, development and innovation activities will be oriented to the applications of quantum technologies in the space sector, with a specific focus on the integration of these technologies in new constellations of satellites integrated with terrestrial systems and infrastructures such as, for example, for communication and metrology.

The 17 signatories of the protocol also intend to collaborate in teaching and training activities dedicated to quantum technologies, through, for example, the coordinated development of industrial doctoral programs. The following have joined the “Quantum Initiative” Memorandum of Understanding:

The partners hope for an expansion of this collaboration, extending participation to other Italian research and industry players in the field of innovation, putting the capacity of Italian excellence at the centre of the initiative, creating a supply chain that goes from basic research to the industrial production of quantum solutions for Space.

The intellectual property generated by the “Quantum Initiative” projects will also be made available to the partnership, with a view of co-development and continuous improvement