HOLOS OPERATING SYSTEM DESIGN: Let's build a blockchain-based quantum operating 

system together to harmoniously manage Planet Earth



White Paper for the Symposium on New Paradigm in Politics

The current and now standard philosophy of contemporary politics and politicians is seriously outdated. It is based on an obsolete concept of the human being and human society.

Seldom overtly acknowledged, it is this obsolete concept that underlies contemporary nation-state politics. Its operative assumption is that the universe is a chance-created mechanism, and life a random accident. The specific features of living species result from a succession of accidental events in the history of physico-chemical and biological evolution on this planet, and the features of human beings are due to the resulting fortuitous combination of their genes.

The human mind is dominated by reproduction-oriented drives for sexual, selfpreserving, and related forms of gratification. There is no higher order or guiding principle either in the natural or in the human world: force prevails, and is employed by those who possess it first of all to create wealth and power for themselves.

This is a mistaken and now seriously counterproductive concept of nature, life and society.

The widely discussed ideas of Newton, Darwin, and Freud are held to be the basic sources of a scientific view, but this view has been overtaken by new theories, findings, and approaches in the sciences. The truly scientific view of the universe is not that of a lifeless, soulless aggregate of inert chunks of matter. As cosmologist James Jeans said over a hundred years ago, in the scientific perspective the universe is more like a great thought than like a great rock.

Life is not a random accident, and the basic drives of the human psyche include far more than drives for survival, sex, and other elemental gratifications.

The influential and until recently seldom seriously challenged pseudo-scientific view has seriously negative consequences. It creates separation and self-centeredness, encourages allout competition, and warrants the pursuit of individual, corporate and national interests

without concern for the consequences for others. The pernicious effect of acting in light of the dominant view is particularly evident in the field of nation-state politics. Persisting with the dominant philosophy creates an international system replete with conflict, separation, all-out competition, and violence. Contemporary nation-state politics needs a new basic philosophy: a new paradigm.

The operative principle of the new paradigm can be derived as the practical, humanistic implication of the current findings of the natural sciences, in particular of quantum cosmology, quantum biology, and quantum consciousness research. We can resume it in a single sentence: what is good for the whole, is good for the part. Applied to politics, this means what is good for society as a whole, is good for every person and every structure and organization in society.

If a politician is to represent the interests of the individual and his or her community, he or she needs to be concerned with the interests of the system in which that individual is embedded. The embedding system comprises human individuals, their organizations and institutions, as well as nature.

The still dominant but now outdated political philosophy differs from this conception. In its humanistic expression, it maintains that the good of the individual coincides with the good of society.

This is the philosophy of a liberal ethics where the individual is free to pursue his/her own interests without concern for the rest—as long as he or she acts within the formal or informal morality espoused in society. The updated science-based philosophy leaves the above coincidence open as a possibility, but does not affirm it as an invariant rule. The invariant rule is the converse: the good of the whole is always and necessarily the good of the individual part. This is the principle of holism applied to society: the core of what needs to be developed as a new paradigm for politics.

Traditional cultures have been mainly holistic: they they respected the good of the whole. In the context of society, their whole comprised individual human beings as well as their kinship and socio-economic communities and structures. It also included nature: the life-supporting environment. Traditional people recognized that what is good for their tribe or community in the embrace of nature is good for all members of their tribe or community. Modern nationstate politics disregards this principle. It extols the individual and his or her interests, and is not primarily concerned with the system in which that individual pursues its aspirations.

The operative principle of contemporary politics is the contrary of the principle of holism. It is based on the following “unholy” assumption: thatwhat is good for the individual (or the individual business, community, state, or nation), is good for the system in which that individual (or business, community, state or nation) is situated. Humanistic politicians consider that if something is good for the people it is also good for their country—and very likely for other countries as well. Authoritarian politicians see no need to spell out why this should be so, but if pressed they may cite Adam Smith’s doctrine of the indivisible hand. This is the hand of the market, it harmonizes the interests of the individual with the interests of society.

However, the equitable working of the market presupposes a level playing field where all competitors have equal chances and opportunities. Such a playing field is not given in today’s world, and in consequence the invisible hand often turns into an invisible foot that kicks the poor and powerless but spares the rich and powerful. Resources—whether money, influence, or arms—tend to accumulate to the rich and powerful and create inequality and injustice.

Contemporary nation-state politics “sub-optimizes” the world economic and political system, breaking apart the coherence of the system. It creates separation, conflict, and unbridled competition.

The dominant principle underlying contemporary nation-state politics is has been clearly enunciated in a U.S. congressional hearing by Charlie Wilson, then president of General Motors. Wilson famously told the Senators, “what is good for General Motors is good for the country.” Thus GM can pursue its own interests without concern for other people and other companies. Its good is the good of the U.S., and in the final count the good of the U.S. is the good of all the countries of the world.

The above unholy principle was adopted by Nazi Germany. It was expressed in the slogan, Deutschland ueber Alles (Germany above all). German politics was uniquely concerned with the good of the German nation, and not concerned whether this is the good also of other nations. In a less agressive but equally potent form the same principle was expressed by Donald Trump when he declared, “America first.” Acting on it has lead the Trump administration to wirthdraw the U.S. from the Paris Accord on Climate Change, reject widebased multilateral cooperation with other states in the Western Hemisphere, engage in trade-wars with China, and reduce and even stop support for international organizations such as UNESCO and the World Health Organization.

Sooner or later, the pursuit of the unholy principle produces a backlash. At the end of WWII it created disastrous conditions for Germany, and if pursued (which at this time seems unlikely), it would produce disastrous consequences for America as well. A new paradigm is needed in nation-state politics; one that respects the interest of the whole system of societies, and recognizes that doing so is in the best interest of every society in the system.

Adopting the paradigm based on the philosophy of holism in politics is a daring move, but if major breakdowns are to be averted, it needs to be contemplated. It is in our most enligthened shared interest to realize that when it comes to nation-state politics, it is not America, not Germany, and not Britain (as the pro-Brexit advocates are beginning to realize) that comes first. The whole system of human societies on the planet together with the natural ecology in which it is embedded is what comes first.

Prof. Ervin Laszlo

Founder and Director

The Laszlo Institute of New Paradigm Research

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HOLOS OPERATING SYSTEM DESIGN: Let's build a blockchain-based quantum operating system together to harmoniously manage Planet Earth


Synchronicity and synergy: the great wave of global consciousness

The new planetary consciousness - understood as the awareness of being integral parts of a complex and delicate network of relationships that embraces every living being on Earth - develops spontaneously and takes shape in the last decades, exponentially extending into every area of ​​contemporary culture, and thus becoming a sort of central point of aggregation of the new emerging holistic culture. Planetary consciousness - according to most of the most attentive observers - is also the key to resolving the dramatic situation of ecosystem, social and cultural crisis, which is essentially caused by a fragmentary conception, that is, by a deleterious lack of global vision. Hence the admonition "think globally, act locally".

Today "planetary consciousness" is synonymous with awareness of the entire living ecosystem, planetary ecology, sustainability, environmental awareness, orientation to international peace, systemic scientific conception, responsibility for the protection of planetary human, ethnic and animal rights. and religious, holistic medicine and global health of man and the planet, of unitary and trans-religious spiritual evolution, of world music and fusion of cultures and arts, of market globalization and ethical economy, of global communication networks , of the Internet as the cybernetic nervous system of the planet, as the "global brain of Gaia", of human growth, of global education in responsibility and tolerance, in a word of a global village that represents the realization of planetary consciousness, the dream of the whole humanity: a world of peace, multi-ethnic, free and tolerant, of unlimited exchanges and knowledge, of universal spirituality ale.

These instances, strongly present and active in every field of knowledge, are the living and creative matrix of the culture of the third millennium. The human drive to achieve a new global state of society in harmony with the planet is today an indispensable condition for millions of people on Earth. Reaching this vision is a leap of enormous importance for the entire culture, but above all for human social and spiritual evolution. For these reasons, the "Manifesto in the Spirit of Planetary Consciousness" proposed by the Club of Budapest and the "Earth Charter" presented by all non-governmental organizations present at the Rio Earth Summit, signed and signed by Nobel Peace Laureates, scientists , artists, associations and people of every nation, certainly represent one of the most significant and noble contributions of our time.

The reunification of all cultures in a single planetary culture is an epochal process that will probably continue for centuries, perhaps for millennia, but already today it is possible to enjoy its living reality by participating directly in its realization in every area of ​​knowledge and daily life. .

The concept of planetary consciousness then finds fundamental support and scientific confirmation in Jim Lovelock's Gaia Hypothesis, which considers the planet as a great consciousness - Gaia precisely or Gea, Goddess of the Earth - a "global brain" made up of the intelligence of all living organisms on the planet, capable of balance, creativity and beauty. Unfortunately, in this great living intelligence, current man collectively behaves like an unconscious and arrogant destroyer, instead of constituting the most evolved and self-conscious part of the entire system. Lovelock, like numerous other thinkers of the new emerging culture, believes that the human being needs a leap towards a more global and unitary conception of himself and the planet, and that the leap is about to happen.

Writers such as Isaac Asimov, in his book The Edge of the Foundation, (in the chapter Landing on Gaia) describes a planet named "Gaia" in which all beings, minerals, plants, animals and humans have reached the level of planetary consciousness, and thus they participate, albeit in their limited individuality, in the well-being and collective mind of the planet.

Recently, the extraordinary development of the Internet has also greatly accelerated the knowledge and unification of thousands of national and international associations that work for planetary well-being in different fields of activity. Numerous scholars attribute to the Internet the role of a rapidly evolving nervous network, of "planetary brain", of "Netropolis", of "Cyberia", of "CyberGaia".

Following the holographic hypothesis according to which the human brain and the planet are in profound relationship, we consider the implications of neurophysiological research on highly coherent states and the development of human potential linked to the process of planetary evolution. It is hypothesized that the current state of global-individual fragmentation originates, at the psychoneurophysiological level, from a fragmentation of the various brain activities, while the unitary consciousness, the "cybernetic fourth density", arises from a synergistic and harmonious brain. With the experiments on the Buddhafield, our research has confirmed that when people in a state of self-consciousness feel "united", a "psi field" or "collective consciousness field" is created between them, which manifests itself as synchronization of the various brains. . When more people enter a state of mutual empathy, even without knowing each other, a flow of information passes between one brain and another and consciences are intimately interconnected. It is essential to remember that the unitary state of consciousness brings with it an experience of peace, fulfillment, harmony with oneself, with others and with the environment, and that when many people meditate or work together, linked by a sense of brotherhood, the individual experience is greatly intensified.

But if the synchronization between some people is the bearer of these feelings and moods, what could happen if thousands of people meditated and tune in together as during religious ceremonies or great moments in history? And what could happen if millions or billions of human beings individually entered a state of self-awareness and synchronized themselves? It really seems appropriate to ask what could be the result of a mass meditation, of a collective awareness that connected thousands of human beings, linked by the same consciousness of being planetary citizens; probably our instruments would record a great wave, an ocean wave of consciousness, the electroencephalographic concretization of planetary consciousness.

When several people are in a state of synchronization with each other, the lost energy is minimal and the information exchanged is maximum. Minimum waste-consumption, maximum conscience-synergy. It is the same logic of the laser, in which the individual photons, which in normal light are fragmented and therefore non-coherent, harmonize and synchronize with each other, creating wave coherence. It is this coherence, this synchronicity, that gives the laser its incredible qualities, even if the photons are the same as in a light bulb. Reported on the human level, this analogy suggests that a coherent energy of enormous power can be born from the synchronization between brains / consciences. A very large part of our energy is lost in quarrels, misunderstandings, differences of opinion, differences of language, as well as at the international level much of the money is lost to finance increasingly sophisticated armies and weapons, to feed endless conflicts between parties or judicial cases. Synchronization leads to optimal communication and therefore saves energy, which can be used for evolution and well-being. Coherence, synchronization, unity, common sense, cooperation, brotherhood are only different aspects of that single evolutionary principle called syntropy.

The term macroshift means the global change of thought and life that a part of humanity is facing and that the whole of humanity should choose more and more consciously in the immediate future.

The global, ecological, social and human crisis requires a choice between infinite possible futures. The State of the Planet is dramatic, all the parameters of environmental, human and political risk - from overheating to overpopulation to militarization - are constantly worsening.

Doing nothing means accepting the current state and the future it entails.

We must choose our destiny, the one we really want: whether to continue the current development towards an increasingly industrialized, polluted, militarized future without respect for minorities and poor countries, or to choose a radical change of course in human history, a macroshift , a radical transformation of the way of living, thinking, communicating, cooperating and evolving together towards a planetary civilization.

This change is already taking place in every state of the world with the "cultural creatives" and the new emerging culture, even if still in a submerged, minority and therefore not very influential in political, economic, social, war, ecological decisions.

The term macroshift was proposed by Prof. Ervin Laszlo, philosopher of systems science and promoter of planetary consciousness, president of the Budapest Club and former lecturer in renowned American and European universities, who recently published the book Macroshift in the United States. , to ride the transformation which - for the topicality of the topic, also in relation to international anxieties for the uncertain collective future - has already been translated into nine languages.

The concept of macroshift is of fundamental importance to understand in an articulated and real way the different dimensions of this planetary phenomenon and its possible economic, social and spiritual developments. Much of the new planetary intelligence is moving in this direction, to stimulate human growth, an evolution of global consciousness.

Each of us must become aware of our own decision-making power, and decide!








HOLOS OS: The State, the Public Administration and the economy need a planetary holistic evolution (International digital interconnection State-Public Administration-Economy)

The State, the Public Administration and the economy need a planetary holistic evolution (International digital interconnection State-Public Administration-Economy) to solve the 5 planetary systemic crises (climate crisis, environmental crisis, social crisis, economic crisis, health crisis) and avoid worsening the suffering of people around the world, the destruction of the planetary natural environment, the world economic collapse and the extinction of human civilization.

We don’t have a moment to lose: the world population need to make the transition to a planetary holistic digital state-economic system now!

Since human civilization is not facing the 5 planetary systemic crises with the adequate modality and the adequate tools, they will worsen every day with an increase worldwide in the variants of Covid-19, new and more serious diseases, world wars for the control of limited resources of the planet, exponential increase in inflation, the prices of basic necessities, environmental pollution, climate change, poverty, social-economic inequality, constant reduction of raw materials and essential services such as medical care , exponential increase in the costs of electricity, water, gas, fuel (petrol, naphtha, diesel), constant worsening of the quality of life of all people in the world.

To avoid this trend taking place in the world, and to resolve the 5 planetary systemic crises, it is necessary to change the methods and tools used up to now.

The modality currently used is the fragmented, disharmonious, unbalanced, individualistic approach of politics, the state, economics, science and technology.

The tools used are obsolete technologies.

The adequate way to face and resolve the 5 planetary systemic crises is the holistic, systemic, collective, synchronic, harmonious, balanced approach of politics, the state, economics, science and technology.

The suitable tools are the new technologies available: quantum blockchain, quantum artificial intelligence, quantum internet.

This method and tools must be used to develop collaboratively between all the governments of the world, citizens, companies, associations, universities, etc. a quantum holistic operating system based on public permissionless blockchain: HOLOS OS (from the Gr. ὅλος, ὁλο- "all, whole, complete, total").

This operating system will be controlled by all the citizens of the world through the democratic rules that citizens will have elaborated on the basis of the needs of every person in the world, the laws and constitutions of their respective nations, on the 17 goals for sustainable development of the United Nations, on the principles of the Earth Charter and other guidance information available on the web page of the Rigene project, dedicated to this initiative: https://www.rigeneproject.org/cognitive-phase (at the discretion of citizens and governments) with the help of an international governmental technical task force, which we call "digital DNA" (set of rules, stored on a public permissionless blockchain, for the collective management of the digital world society).

HOLOS OS will be necessary to govern the world state, the world public administration and the world economy efficiently, ensuring high IT security and privacy (thanks to quantum cryptography), instantaneous processing, transmission and storage of computer data necessary to operate artificial intelligence programs connected via quantum IoT (quantum internet of objects digitally connected to HOLOS OS) to everything in the world and outside it (machines, objects, processes, etc.) to regenerate the economy world, society and the planetary natural environment, solving the 5 planetary systemic crises.

HOLOS OS will be a higher-order operating system for the global management of Planet Earth and its socio-technological expansion in the Universe, while other blockchain-DLT systems based on classical technologies (classical computing) will continue to coexist with HOLOS OS synergistically evolving each other to improve and reach higher levels of resilience with respect to potential new endogenous and exogenous planetary systemic crises (astronomical crises: for example solar flames, meteor showers).

The emerging Planetary Civilization is in the cultural, scientific, economic and technological conditions to develop HOLOS OS, but only the social, political, cultural and scientific will of all the people of the world can decide the realization of HOLOS OS.

Rigene Project lays the informative, orientative and stimulating bases.

The 5 planetary systemic crises will be the cause of the extinction of Human Civilization due to the inadequacy of the methods and tools used to resolve them, or they will be the cause of the improving evolution of Human Civilization thanks to the use of adequate methods and tools.

To solve planetary systemic crises, a planetary systemic solution approach is needed, that is, a holistic approach!

TURNING THE PYRAMID OF POWER: Moving the control of technology, economy, laws from the hands of a few to the hands of all the people of the world through "DIGITAL DNA"

Reconfigure the planetary systemic management by harmonizing social intelligence with ecological intelligence and artificial intelligence

The planetary systemic decompensation we are witnessing, declined in the 5 planetary systemic crises (climate crisis, environmental crisis, social crisis, economic crisis, health crisis), it is caused by a disharmonious management of political-economic-technological power.

Few people in the world control politics, economics and technology, reducing the cognitive capacity of human civilization as a whole (planetary collective intelligence).

The balanced and fundamental laws of Nature have been almost canceled by the laws of an elite of people who have acquired great economic power at the expense of the well-being of natural ecosystems and human civilization.

Technological development is oriented by such an elite of people towards goals focused on the profit of a few humans.

These processes cause functional ecological-social-economic-cultural-scientific-technological disharmony that result in wars, environmental pollution, climate change, poverty, delinquency, famine, pandemics, etc.

To restore balance in this complex planetary system, and avoid the extinction of the human civilization towards which the 5 planetary systemic crises are leading it in the almost total unawareness of the world population, it is necessary that the whole of Humanity unite and collaborate synchronously to develop DIGITAL DNA, a set of rules, valid worldwide, to harmonize the functional processes of human civilization (economy, politics, technology, etc.) by making the collective human intelligence interact in a balanced way (Social Intelligence) with the intelligence of Nature (Ecological Intelligence ) and the intelligence of technology (Artificial Intelligence), through a Holistic Quantum Operating System that we define "HOLOS OS", based on the quantum blockchain, quantum artificial intelligence and quantum internet, which will activate the balanced development of the Quantum Digital Society, or the next evolutionary level of Human Civilization, necessary to avoid the extinction of Human Civilization.

To solve planetary systemic crises, a planetary systemic solution approach is needed, that is, a holistic approach!

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HOLOS Operating System Design: in the Quantum Digital Society people will not need to work and money to live

They will work in place of humans, for the well-being of each person and the natural environment, under the control of DIGITAL DNA, respecting the relational balance between all the people of the world and the planetary natural environment: Quantum Artificial Intelligence, quantum blockchain (smart contract), quantum internet of things, robot-nanorobots, quantum Industry 4.0, Quantum Public Administration, etc.

The cultural, scientific, technological progress that humans will wish to produce will be rewarded with resources necessary for their development.

The 5 planetary systemic crises in progress (climate crisis, environmental crisis, social crisis, economic crisis, health crisis) tend to get worse every day due to an inadequate organizational-functional model of the world economy.

If this model continues to be applied, the 5 crises will worsen further and rapidly, leading to an increase in the suffering of all people in the world and destruction of the natural environment, up to the extinction of human civilization.

Human civilization now has to choose between the constant and rapid increase in the suffering of every person all over the world until its extinction, continuing to persevere with the current organizational-functional model, or to choose a correct organizational-functional model, adequate to solve the 5 planetary systemic crises, avoiding extinction and evolving to a higher level that will improve the life of every person in the world and the natural environment.

Human civilization finally possesses the technological tools and the culture to determine this evolutionary process, creating the "Quantum Digital Society" with its "HOLOS OS" Operating System, and its "DIGITAL DNA" operating code.

Once this evolutionary leap of species, or macroshift, is completed, people will not need to work and money to live, since quantum technologies, organized, managed and controlled by "digital DNA", (rules developed by all the people of the world for the functioning of the Quantum Digital Society, through the HOLOS Operating System, which will evolve by adapting to the exogenous-endogenous changes of the system-society-economy-environment) will perform all work activities.

Any need of people can be satisfied by quantum technologies, in compliance with digital DNA, which will be set on the guiding principles illustrated in the "cognitive phase" (https://www.rigeneproject.org/cognitive-phase), which will guarantee the balanced relationship between people, the natural environment and technologies, to avoid systemic imbalances and guarantee well-being for all people and the planetary natural environment.

Any contribution will be made by people to cultural, scientific, technological progress, will be supported by HOLOS OS with adequate resources, according to the relative parameters contemplated in the DIGITAL DNA.

To solve planetary systemic crises, a planetary systemic solution approach is needed, that is, a holistic approach!

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HOLOS Operating System Design: To avoid the Third World War, Human Civilization will have to choose collaboration to evolve towards the Holistic WorldUnion and the Quantum Digital Society to survive the 5 planetary systemic crises

The 5 planetary systemic crises (climate crisis, environmental crisis, social crisis, economic crisis, health crisis) in progress are too complex and serious to be addressed with individual solutions, fragmented by single nations.

This individualistic approach is proving weak, ineffective and its continuation will lead to a new world conflict for the control and management of the limited resources of Planet Earth, with disastrous consequences for human civilization, considering the presence of weapons of mass destruction developed in recent years.

The end of Humanity, in such conditions, with the perseverance of the current socio-economic-political paradigms, would be very close!

Human civilization has the knowledge, moral maturity, technological tools to solve the 5 crises and avoid the Third World War and the potential extinction of Humanity.

HOLOS OS (holistic, quantum transition of the Planetary Digital Society) is the answer to the distress signal of Humanity and Planet Earth in danger to definitively resolve the 5 planetary systemic crises!

Humanity and Planet Earth are a single living organism that over time has developed various serious diseases: the symptoms of these diseases are the 5 planetary systemic crises.

The solutions that individual nations around the world are applying are ineffective as they are oriented by a sectoral, individual framework of diseases.

They are not analyzed in their complexity, in their systemic interdependence.

For example: The costs of raw materials are constantly increasing all over the world (therefore the price of goods and services increases) as the planet's resources are increasingly limited due to climate change, environmental pollution, excessive ecological footprint. The solution proposed to reduce the prices of goods and services by governments is to increase public debt with bonuses on electricity, gas, food bills, etc.!

This solution brings immediate relief to families who can afford to keep their lifestyle intact, but only in the short term.

In the long term, this solution will lead to the collapse of the economic and financial system of all the nations of the world, with consequent global social conflicts.

The solution that must be immediately applied to heal the "Humanity-Planet Earth" organism is systemic-holistic:

for example, in the case of rising costs of raw materials, the solution is to accelerate the digital-ecological transition, invest in nanotechnology and biotechnology (nanomaterials),circular economy, sharing economy, green economy, blue economy, in a global systemic-holistic perspective towards the rapid realization of the Quantum Digital Society managed through the HOLOS OS quantum operating system and DIGITAL DNA.

This solution will determine the evolution of Human Civilization towards a new structural-organizational-functional level that will make the entire Humanity-Planet Earth resilient to any crisis and will guarantee the well-being and prosperity of all Humanity-Planet Earth.

The current crises in progress are Nature's means to stimulate the evolution of Human Civilization.

However, if Humanity fails to understand or initiate the correct evolutionary process to resolve the 5 crises, it will become extinct!

To solve planetary systemic crises, a planetary systemic solution approach is needed, that is, a holistic approach!

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HOLOS OPERATING SYSTEM DESIGN: The next evolutionary step of the Technium


Technological-Human-Ecological Singularity


"Technium" is the term with which some humans have defined the technological environment in its complexity.

Some humans believe that technology is a separate environment from Nature (considered fundamental only in its biological aspect), and a consequence of the exclusive manipulative activities of humans.

In reality, Nature is the totality of everything and totally technology, with manifestations in various forms (BIO-technology: living organisms, ecosystems - QUANTUM-technology: atoms, sub-atomic structures, etc.).

Living organisms are forms of technology, as are planets, planetary systems, galactic systems, atoms, molecules, cells, DNA, etc.

Therefore, the term "Technium" should mean everything (Nature: every process, every object, all energy, all forces, the Universe).

Although it is not possible to scientifically prove this, it is necessary for humans to reason on the fact that such technologies are the consequence of a "fundamental code" (mathematical code) (see "Logos - Heraclitus"), comparable, in part, to the "code genetic "(DNA), omnipresent (ubiquity) and immutable, always existed, not intelligent, not evolutionary, not created by anything or anyone.

Many humans have understood the existence of the fundamental code of Nature, but interpreted it in various ways, declined in the concepts of divinity.

The purpose of the fundamental code of Nature is infinite technological evolution, that is, the infinite evolution of Nature.

There is, therefore, no final purpose.

Humans are not the exclusive architects of technology, but evolutionary technological components of the Technium, which in turn produce new technologies, processes.

The fundamental code of Nature is not intelligent, it does not reason, it is only an orientation guide code that stimulates the components of Nature to evolve through entropic (creative chaos) and extropic (order, organization of new technologies and functions) processes.

The evolution of Nature (technological progress - Technium progress) occurs through the emergence of systemic crises in the Technium ("diseases" - functioning problems), or in part of it, which jeopardize the existence of the evolutionary state reached .

As a consequence of these crises (evolutionary stimuli), the system reacts, based on the fundamental code, by developing resilience solutions which, if adequate to the crises, are able to solve them producing an evolutionary leap of the system, or, if not adequate to the crises, not solving them, with the consequent term of operation of the system, or of part of the compromised system.

The current 5 planetary systemic crises (climate crisis, environmental crisis, social crisis, economic crisis, health crisis) affect the evolution of a part of the Technium, that is Planet Earth.

These crises constitute the evolutionary stimulus of the fundamental code of Nature to achieve the evolutionary leap of human civilization by starting the "planetary synchronic coherence" (synchronization of resilience processes aimed at resolving the 5 crises) with the consequent development of the technological-human-ecological singularity (ie the evolutionary leap of the Planet Earth).

This evolutionary leap will avoid the extinction of human civilization and the destruction of Planet Earth, resulting in the improvement of the life of all people in the world and the restoration of the functioning of natural biological ecosystems.

The technological-human-ecological singularity (erroneously considered only as a technological singularity) will consist in a unified structural-functional holistic-systemic reorganization of Planet Earth, that is, of all non-biological technologies, and biological ones (living organisms, natural ecosystems), from which a new form of human-technological-ecological intelligence will emerge capable of determining the next evolutionary leap of the Technium.

In order to manage these complex processes, a holistic operating system for the management of the Planet Earth is needed: HOLOS OS.

HOLOS OS is the umbrella term for a planetary holistic operating system.

In reality it will be defined with other terms.

HOLOS OS will be guided by a guiding code developed by humans that we generically refer to as "digital DNA".

This operating system will initially be developed using quantum technologies (quantum computing), as it is more performing than classical technologies (classical computing) (with which they will co-evolve), and subsequently integrated-perfected by biological technologies (biological computing).


[ https://thelaszloinstitute.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/07/Ervin-Laszlo-White-Paper-Holism-In-Nation-State-Politics.pdf  ]







Quantum NanoEconomics in the unified planetary field

(Introduction to the concept)

Following the completion of the synchronism phase, planetary unification (classic-quantum-bio digital unification), development of the quantum-holistic operating system for the management of planet earth under the control of digital DNA, human civilization will evolve to a new economic state characterized by the synergistic economic interactions of nanotechnologies, nanobiotechnologies, classical-quantum-biological artificial intelligences.

These interactions will be regulated autonomously by the smart contracts of the digital DNA bio-quantum blockchain.



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