Rigene Project - [Projects 666]

Update the problem solving model to improve the lives of citizens and the natural environment. The current problem solving model is ineffective, slow, and harms the rights of citizens, businesses and the natural environment. We describe below an updated and more effective model - Technological Fields Theory (TFT) - that can apply to solve problems and improve the lives of all citizens and the natural environment. This model will be applied to develop 666 projects aimed at to accelerate technological, scientific, social and economic progress, and accelerate improvement social (all human civilization) and environmental (all natural ecosystems of Planet Earth).

12 ideas "Group 4-666" [G4-666] 

Here are 12 ideas based on "TFT Problem Solving Parameters" (TFTpsp) that I'll call "Group 4-666" [G4-666]:

Come up with a project called P4-666 that analyzes and develops [G4-666] based on the "TFT Problem Solving Parameters" (TFTpsp).

Project 4-666, or P4-666, is a comprehensive project that aims to analyze and develop the set of 12 ideas known as Group 4-666 (G4-666) using the Technological Fields Theory (TFT) Problem Solving Parameters (TFTpsp). The project will be divided into several stages, each focused on a specific aspect of the TFTpsp.

The project will involve collaboration with experts in various technological fields, as well as input from stakeholders such as government agencies, businesses, and members of the general public. The ultimate goal of P4-666 is to contribute to a more sustainable future for Planet Earth, its economy, technology, and human civilization by achieving the objectives described in "A New Era of Sustainability: The Redesign of Planet Earth, Economy, Technology and Human Civilization" based on the "TFT Problem Solving Parameters" (TFTpsp).