Petitions and proposals submitted to the European Parliament

In order to achieve the objectives of the Rigene Project, some petitions and project proposals based on the principles of the Rigene Project have been presented to the European Parliament, both on behalf of the founder Roberto De Biase and on behalf of the Rigene Project.

List of petitions and proposals of the Rigene Project:

Themes : Environment, Urban development

Country: European Union                 Summary of the petition

The petitioner proposes that the European Union, together with the Member States, launches a plan to create interoperable cities that are able to adapt to environmental challenges (magnified by different sources of pollution, climate change and depletion of natural resources) and overcome them, as well as to achieve the objectives of sustainable development, with respect to which current models of urban development are inadequate and deficient.

Complete text of Petition n. 0911/2019  Rigene Project - Petition n. 0911/2019 

Petition number: 0207/2021

Themes : Social affairs

Country: European Union

Summary of the petition:

The petitioner argues that millions of people around the world are still unable to use computers and other digital devices to reap the benefits of the digital economy and robotics. According to the petitioner, technological-digital illiteracy would slow down the widespread use of digital technologies and services which, in his opinion, are necessary to contain, prevent and solve global challenges such as epidemics-pandemics, excessive ecological footprint, environmental pollution and climate change. Furthermore, the petitioner believes that the dissemination of technological-digital culture through training courses appears to be ineffective, since many people would not be in a position to follow such courses or would not be able to acquire the technical notions due to cognitive problems or disabilities. The petitioner is of the opinion that the use of cloud-based "robotic intermediaries" (passive technologies for techno-digital inclusion), i.e. humanoid robots that are able to interact orally (or in other forms of communication for those with disabilities ) would allow all people to access technological-digital services even if they do not have the appropriate knowledge. The petitioner therefore proposes that the States and supranational bodies start a strategy of technological-digital inclusion, providing citizens with financial support for the purchase of such robots.

Complete text of Petition n. 0207/2021  Rigene Project - Petition no. 0207/2021 

Petition number: 1088/2020

Themes : Healthcare

Country: European Union

Summary of the petition:

The petitioner argues the need to reduce people's travel as much as possible during the COVID-19 pandemic, in order to reduce infections and pressure on hospitals, as well as avoid new lockdowns and their harmful consequences on the European economy. The petitioner points out that one of the causes of forced movement of people from their homes is the need to physically go to the premises of the social security institutions, in order to apply for financial benefits to support income. This need exists in particular for people who do not have computers, Internet connections or knowledge to use the digital services of social security institutions. In order to avoid such movements, which could cause further spread of the coronavirus, the petitioner proposes to equip all citizens residing in Europe with a "blockchain-based card", on which to automatically receive tokens representing income support measures of social security institutions and with which to be able to pay at physical shops. According to the petitioner, citizens registered in this type of system would no longer be forced to go to social security institutions, but could automatically receive the amounts of social security benefits on their card, and could subsequently spend them at commercial merchants.

Complete text of Petition n. 1088/2020 Rigene Project - Petition n. 1088/2020 

Petition number: 0081/2021

Themes : Fundamental rights

Country: European Union

Summary of the petition:

The petitioner criticizes the model currently used by the Member States of the European Union to limit and counter the spread of COVID-19. According to the petitioner, this model, based mainly on individual responsibility and the development of vaccines, would have proved ineffective and would have worsened the well-being of European citizens. Therefore, the petitioner proposes the use of a multifunctional robotic ecosystem for automated epidemic management and control to quickly recover from the COVID-19 health crisis and foster a strong economic recovery in the Union. According to the petitioner, the systemic application of emerging technologies (artificial intelligence, cloud, blockchain-DLT, nanotechnologies, biotechnologies, robotics) would enable the prevention and automated control of epidemics while ensuring the privacy, cybersecurity and health of citizens.

Complete text of Petition n. 0081/2021 Rigene Project - Petition n. 0081/2021 

Petition number: 0915/2021

Themes : Economic and monetary problems, Environment - protection and preservation, Fundamental rights, Social affairs, Industry and business

Country: European Union

Summary of the petition:

The petitioner argues that EU Member States should provide their citizens with a "digital dividend income" (non-taxable and non-cumulative with other income for tax return purposes) in order to encourage and stimulate the active participation of European citizens to the digital-ecological transition process of the European economy. According to the petitioner, thanks to the active participation of citizens, it will be possible to accelerate the digital-ecological transition in order to quickly emerge from the economic, ecological and health crisis underway in the world. Finally, the petitioner proposes that this "digital dividend income" be disbursed to citizens through a blockchain wallet linked to their blockchain-based digital identity.

Complete text of Petition n. 0915/2021 Rigene Project - Petition n. 0915/2021 

Petition number: 1112/2021

Themes : Environment, Justice, Fundamental rights, Social affairs, Equal opportunities and equality

Country: European Union

Name of the association: Rigene Project 

Summary of the petition:

The petitioner is aware of the serious current problems threatening the well-being of the entire world population, such as climate change, environmental pollution, carbon footprint, COVID-19 pandemic and other diseases, poverty, wars, the sharp rise in the cost of raw materials and the related alarming impact on the cost of basic necessities, and hopes that these social concerns are shared internationally, encouraging concrete collaboration between governments around the world to address and resolve, in peace and united, the serious global crises converging. Solutions that emerge through international collaboration and low levels of investment in the digital and green transitions are proving ineffective because crises are developing much faster than solutions can be devised, due to a lack of coordination between people, governments, companies, associations, universities and research institutions. The petitioner declares that ordinary people and scientists from all over the world are collaborating in order to provide institutions and governments with technical documents to launch a web platform that would ensure international collaboration for the development of regenerative solutions needed to address the current crises, through the "Rigene Project" initiative on the website The petitioner therefore invites all governments, individuals, supranational bodies, businesses and associations and individual citizens of the world to participate, in peace and united, in the collective construction of the digital society, and its digital DNA, following the slow process and fragmented of ongoing digital and environmental transition, adapted to the needs of all globally, in harmony with the mechanisms of planet Earth, making use of the eight principles of the solar system.

Complete text of Petition n. 1112/2021 Rigene Project - Petition no. 1112/2021 

Petition number: 0623/2021

Themes : Fundamental rights

Country: European Union

Summary of the petition:

The petitioner considers that the current scientific research models adopted by the European governments are not sufficient to solve the complex systemic problems of an economic and environmental nature and proposes a more adequate innovative scientific research model, which consists of two aspects: the first improves and optimizes the health of people and the environment through simulated cyber-biological re-engineering, while the second involves the genetic-epigenetic-neural reprogramming of cyber-biological systems within an IT environment based on bio-quantum blockchain (decentralized network of computers classical-quantum-biological) in which artificial intelligence and smart contracts autonomously perform mathematical, physical and biological operations to assist researchers and world governments. The petitioner believes that citizens, governments, scientific research institutes, associations, charities and universities can collaborate to develop and gest ire an international open source web platform for automated digital simulation using smart contracts and artificial intelligence (bio-quantum blockchain platform) of cyber-biological phenomena and their re-engineering (genetic-epigenetic-neural reprogramming of cyber-biological systems) in order to discover innovative solutions that definitively resolve the current serious systemic crisis at a health, economic, ecological and social level. It underlines the importance of digital DNA, which would make it possible to manage the immense flow of data deriving from the rapid development of smart cities 4.0, industry 4.0, healthcare 4.0, also presenting Hachimoji DNA as a possible innovative tool for managing processes in automated and efficient way in the public administration and companies.

Complete text of Petition n. 0623/2021 Rigene Project - Petition n. 0623/2021 

Petition number: 1180/2022

Themes : Environment - Pollution, Social affairs, Fundamental rights, Industry and business

Country: All EU countries

Association name: Rigene Project (

Petition summary:

The petitioner believes that the ongoing planetary crises such as climate change, environmental pollution, the ecological footprint, the COVID-19 pandemic and other epidemics, the economic crisis, and the social crisis, change the goals of human beings, directing their forma mentis towards behaviors functional to the resolution of these crises. It is stated that the purpose of human beings until the "pre-crisis" period was to survive, work, satisfy individual needs, with a mentality based on money, profit, consumerism, individualism, while today the survival of individuals is risk from planetary systemic crises, the solution of which can be identified in a new individual-collective mental model based on ecological-social responsibility.

Complete text of Petition n. 1180/2022 Rigene Project - Petition n. 1180/2022