Global challenge of climate change and environmental sustainability area

Rigene Project - TFTpsp Application Phase 

Rigene Project - TFT-1 Parameter Application Phase 

One current scope where the TFT-1 parameter can be applied is in addressing the global challenge of climate change and environmental sustainability. This complex, multidisciplinary issue requires innovative technological solutions from multiple fields working together to create a more sustainable future for our planet.

Applying the TFT-1 parameter to this scope would involve assessing the 22 technological fields mentioned earlier, based on their potential progress rate (TFTvpt), potential social and environmental impact (TFTpse), potential systemic solutions (TFTpss), and potential scientific research (TFTpsr).

Some of the most relevant technological fields for this scope include:

By evaluating and prioritizing these fields using the TFT-1 parameter, decision-makers, researchers, and investors can allocate resources more effectively, focusing on the most promising technologies to combat climate change and achieve environmental sustainability.