Petition 1112/2021: the survival of the European Union depends on the World Union 

The "synchronism phase" is an initiative launched by the social project "Rigene Project" with the aim of synchronizing the digital society to accelerate the transition process towards a digital-ecological-quantum-biological society. This initiative was launched through a petition sent to the European Parliament n° 1112/2021, entitled "The survival of the European Union depends on the World Union," which seeks to activate the synchronic union and collaboration of people worldwide to address the current systemic health, economic, social, environmental, and climatic crises that are emerging worldwide.

The initiative proposes the realization of the "planetary octet path" as a solution to the challenges faced by the world today. The path seeks to safeguard the well-being of all people and the planet earth through eight interconnected steps, which include measures such as reducing carbon emissions, promoting sustainable agriculture, protecting biodiversity, and implementing digital solutions to enhance access to healthcare and education.

The synchronism phase aims to create a collaborative and united effort to achieve the goals of the "planetary octet path." It recognizes the need for a synchronized approach to address the challenges of the world today and calls for the participation of all people in this effort. Through this initiative, the Rigene Project hopes to promote a more sustainable and equitable world for all.

The Periodic Table of the elements of culture 4.0

Decentralized, collaborative and synchronized world union to survive at the five planetary systemic crisis

The 5 systemic crises taking place in the world (climate crisis, environmental crisis, social crisis, economic crisis, health crisis), such as the covid-19 pandemic, wars, the increase in the cost of raw materials, are making Planet Earth inhospitable (habitat).

This phenomenon continues to worsen due to the adaptive inadequacy of the organization of social and technological systems, low level of resilience to systemic environmental changes induced by environmental pollution, excessive ecological footprint and climate change, therefore human civilization risks potentially extinguishing itself in few years.

The solution necessarily lies in the symbiotic collaboration between human communities and in the use of suitable tools for this purpose: 4.0 technologies (AI, IoT, Blockchain, Robotics, Cloud, Nanotechnologies, Biotechnologies, Quantum computing, etc.).

To obtain rapid and effective results, it is necessary to define and disseminate a cultural model that is functional to it:

culture 4.0, a culture of collaboration aimed at collective well-being, at improving the resilience of the Bio (Techno) Cenosis-Biotope (the ecological, social and technological environment) considered as a system.

The model of Culture 4.0 must be easily identified and understood by the collective and individual mindset through a graphic scheme that logically groups the elements that characterize it and the functions-purposes: a periodic table of the elements of culture 4.0.

This graphic scheme will adapt to the evolution of environmental phenomena, it will be scalable, resilient to offer people, organizations, companies, universities, governments, and other communities, an orientation and a collaborative reference framework that determines symbiosis between heterogeneous communities to acquire the ability to adapt to environmental change in progress and evolve to survive.

The purpose of this group is to make this project known to the community and to sensitize any stakeholders to collaborate in defining the Periodic Table of the elements of culture 4.0.

"Please human, become aware of what is happening in your planetary habitat, before it is too late to save your planet and, therefore, your life." 



Human Civilization still has time to avoid its extinction

First steps towards the necessary planetary evolution to survive the 5 planetary systemic crises

DATE: 22.03.2022

One month after the start of the synchronism phase (22.02.2022), important human progress is outlined in relation to the functional process for the synergistic and synchronic collaboration of all the peoples of Planet Earth to achieve the World Union. 


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DATE: 22.04.2022  


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- Italy pledges 180 million Euros to international cooperation

- 17 ROOMS: A partnership between the Center for Sustainable Development at Brookings and The Rockefeller Foundation, 17 Rooms is an experimental method for advancing the economic, social, and environmental priorities embedded in the world’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

- EU-China Summit: Restoring peace and stability in Ukraine is a shared responsibility

- To avert a climate catastrophe, we need bold pledges but matched by concrete, measurable action

- World Government Summit 2022 Livestream

Watch Day 1 of the #WorldGovSummit 2022 live as experts debate the future of governments 


The international Schiller Institute is releasing this program outline for the April 9 conference, with leading speakers from around the world, to establish “A New Security and Development Architecture for all Nations.

- Italia, Slovenia e Croazia rafforzano la cooperazione trilaterale sul Mar Adriatico

- Rwanda Launches Centre for Fourth Industrial Revolution, Joins Global Network

- Doha Forum 2022 : Transforming for a New Era

- The White House

President Biden Meets Virtually with Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India to Further Deepen Ties Between our Governments, Economies, and People 

- Parisi, scienza può avere un ruolo per costruire la pace

- Colombia: 'peace is invaluable' - Security Council Briefing (12 April 2022) | United Nations